Easy Ways to Declutter Your Summer

Finally — SUMMER! Warm weather, family get-togethers, and more opportunities to get out of the house. The kids are out of school and keeping busy with activities galore, which may be keeping you busy with the extra tidying up you’re having to do. Keeping up with organizing the kids’ belongings can be a task, but ... Read More »

Five Ways Newlyweds Can Make Sharing Closet Space Possible

Ah, wedding season. Couples happily say their vows, excitement abounds, and romance fills the air. But for newlyweds moving in together, the honeymoon can be over as soon as the groom lifts his bride over the threshold. For many couples, the transition from having a solo closet to a shared space isn’t an easy one. ... Read More »

Five Questions to Help You Overhaul Your Closet for the New Year

There’s nothing like a fresh new year to make you want to get your home in order. As you pack up holiday decorations, gift wrap and guest-room bedding, it’s the perfect time to overhaul your closets and make room for new finds. Read on for helpful hints on deciding what to keep and what to ... Read More »

DIY, Pantry-Inspired Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

The holidays can get expensive for even the most frugal shopper. When you’re faced with buying gifts for children, spouses, teachers, neighbors, service workers, co-workers and more, how can you afford to buy something for everyone on your list? The solution could be right in your own pantry — or at least inspired by it! ... Read More »

How to Organize Your Home for the Holidays

There’s nothing like the holidays to call attention to any areas of your home in need of better storage and organization systems. As much as you love giving gifts, cooking and welcoming guests into your home, you also know it’s a lot of work to get everything done and still have time to enjoy the ... Read More »

How to Organize a Yard Sale and Declutter in 7 Steps

Clearing out the clutter in your home is a great feeling — especially when it frees up space that’s long been held hostage by unused and unwanted items. When you’re ready to downsize, a yard sale is one way to get rid of gently used items while also earning a little cash. Prepare for a ... Read More »

Care for Your Car: Get Your Garage in Order

Ah, fall. The season for warm apple cider, colorful leaves and curling up with a book while the rain beats against the window. Unfortunately, that last luxury comes with a hitch. The inclement weather that heralds the season’s arrival is bad news for your car. Rain, sleet and hail might be all in the line ... Read More »

Smart Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

If the words “custom closets” bring to mind images of opulent master bedrooms that spill gracefully into walk-in closets the size of your kitchen, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The luxury of a storage system designed especially for you isn’t reserved for the wealthy or those fortunate enough to live in places where rolling ... Read More »

7 Closet Space-Savers

Whether you are cramped for space or simply want to use your beautiful walk-in closet more efficiently, we at Closets by Design have some great ideas for maximizing every square inch. Take a look at the ideas below to see which solutions might work best for you, and get in touch with us if you ... Read More »

Achieve Laundry Room Efficiency

There is a hilarious cartoon floating around the Internet that runs roughly along the lines of “I sort the laundry, wash the laundry, dry the laundry, and you want me to fold it, too?!” If that strikes a bit close to home, know you are not alone. We all have that incriminating pile of clean, ... Read More »